Interesting Link

July 31, 2008 is a new green website that has an interesting twist. Among other things, you get reward points for doing things like writing reviews and such.  I just finished playing the game SuperRecycler and greatly enjoyed myself! I just joined this social networking site today. And guess who created it? The company Waste Management.  You know the folks who pick up your trash. Wow!


Chicago Environmental Network

June 21, 2008

I don’t know much about this group, but at the very least it shows volunteer opportunities. Take a look at the Chicago Environmental Network for yourself. ~ a green social networking site

June 1, 2008 is “dedicated to spreading the environmental movement in a fun, non-political and non-judgmental forum. aims to make green more accessible and appealing to all.”

After picking up some info about at the most recent Chicago Green Festival, I decided to give them a little looksee.  So far, seems like a good site.  In particular, check out their GreeniacsGuides, how to guides that will help you live in a more environmentally friendly way. Although I did not register, if you do register you can get some benefits, including exclusive access to GreeniacsRadio. Check it out, and let me know what you think.

Natural Solutions Magazine

May 19, 2008

At the Green Festival I learned about the magazine National Solutions.  It used to be called Alternative Medicine Magazine.  I was perusing the site today and discovered that it contains a wealth of information about the healing properties of certain foods.  Now, I’m not a nutritionist or a dietician, so I can’t vouch for these articles.  But take a look, and see if there is something here that might help you.

Better cleaners

May 18, 2008

You have probably heard that there are better, safer ways to clean your home.  In fact, many years ago, there weren’t nearly as many cleaners as clog of the grocery store aisles today.  Back then, homemakers cleaned their homes with good old elbow grease, with maybe some vinegar thrown in for good measure.  Although many big companies have gotten on the greener cleaner bandwagon in recent years, and that is great, some of those products are expensive.  If you are looking for a simpler (and maybe less expensive) way to clean your home, check out Care2’s Healthy and Green Living page.

Home Depot’s Eco-Options stamp

May 16, 2008

We tend to favor Menards as a place to purchase home improvement materials, but something I just learned about might make me change my mind.  There are 3,000 or so products that Home Depot has added an Eco-Options stamp to those products that are a little more friendly to the Earth.  While I had to hunt for a bit on their webpage, here is information about Eco-Options.  You’ll find information about how to conduct a home efficiency audit, answers to questions about how to green your home, and even look at a virtual “green” house for ideas.  Pretty nifty!

Planet Green by Discovery Communications

May 14, 2008

Planet Green is a new channel from the folks at Discovery that will focus on green media. How cool is that?  The channel will launch on June 6th, but you can catch a look at some of the programming by visiting their website.

I had watched the Australian version of one of the shows, Wa$ted before.  An alert reader commented on that post that an American version was coming, and indeed it is! I’m looking forward to the launch of Planet Green.  I guess that Discovery also purchased which is very cool. Check it out!