Wrap Up

October 16, 2008

Although I’m going to keep this blog active so the archives are available, I’m no longer going to be actively posting to it.  It’s time to focus on other things, like my http://youjusthavetolaugh.wordpress.com blog, about all things happy.  And don’t forget to check out http://hometownholidays.wordpress.com on occasion, especially near holiday season.  You can always read what Tony and I are up to at http://tonyandlisa.wordpress.com and see what crafts I’ve recently created at http://lisacraftcreations.wordpress.com .  So, don’t be a stranger.  Stop by at one of my other blogs and say howdy on occasion!  Best wishes, Lisa


book review: Simply Green Giving

July 24, 2008

I just finished browsing through the book Simply Green Giving by Danny Seo.  In the first part of the book, Seo spoke about a trip to purchase wrapping paper at Christmas.  He hated the idea of buying it, but thought it would make his relatives happy to see nicely wrapped presents.  He realized that when his family opened the presents, however, that it all just ended up in a shredded mess in the garbage.  And after that time, he vowed to never buy wrapping paper again. Think you could do the same? I bet you can!

Simply Green Giving is filled with great ideas for how to wrap gifts using materials you already have, instead of wrapping paper and ribbon that’s just going to get thrown away.  Just a few ideas: using the tape from an old VHS tape as ribbon, using a scarf to wrap up a bottle of wine, using real peanuts in the shell to protect gifts instead of styrofoam packing peanuts.  I *love* this last idea, as it is better for the environment and the gift recipient gets to eat them. 🙂

Another idea that I loved was a way to create gift cards from outdated business cards.  You know  you have them…cards with a maiden name (for women) and old address or even a former employer.  But you don’t just want to throw this little gems away.  Fold two cards in half and glue the printed sides together.  Punch a hole in the corner and presto, instant gift card! To glam it up a bit, decorate the card on the front (or inside) with a rubber stamped design.

A big thing that I learned from this book is to hang on to some items that you might normally throw away (a single shoelace, burned out Christmas lights, etc.) because you never know how you might be able to use it to wrap your next special gift.  So, go forth and wrap!

LED Holiday lights

January 15, 2008

Have you heard about these cool lights?  I think the New Year’s Eve countdown ball in Times Square used LED lights in 2007.  I guess that the LED holiday lights use less energy.  Neat!  If you act before January 31, 2008, you can recycle your old lights and receive a 10% off coupon for new LED lights through HolidayLEDs.com.  While I don’t know that we’ll be replacing our lights just yet, I would think it would be a great idea for those folks who make huge outdoor lighting displays!

Recycle those greeting cards

January 5, 2008

In the article I mentioned in the last post, the author gave ideas for recycling Christmas cards.  I’m not sure about you, but mine are still around, waiting to be thrown out, or recycled.  Now, you can recycle them with your papers, I believe, but how about this idea:  turn them into Christmas ornaments by cutting out circles and attaching them to make a ball? I did this as a child growing up ( I think as a craft in school?) and I really enjoyed it.  The article I read said to take it a step further, and hang a tag with the year the ornament was made on it.  Good idea! Here are a few other ideas for recycling your Christmas cards.

Do you have any ways to recycle greeting cards? If you do, please let me know.

Have a good day!

Packing up the Christmas decorations

January 2, 2008

Here’s the thing.  I have a lot of Christmas decorations.  Maybe not that many by some people’s standards, but enough.  Last year, I had crumpled up newspapers as cushion for some of the decorations.  This year, I thought, hey, maybe I should recycle that, and wrap the decorations in used tissue paper instead!  That will look much more festive.  Perhaps tissue paper is recyclable, but since I don’t know for sure, I think that will work out well.