Green Roofs in Chicago

Did you know that many of the roofs of Chicago’s buildings have garden areas on them?  I know, amazing, right?  If you would like a map, you can check out this link.  Most of the roofs are private (makes sense) but I did find at least one school that had a public roof.  Now, I’m not sure how you would go about getting access to the roof, but still, a neat concept.  I think the general public can create a green roof themselves, because there is a getting started guide on the website.  It would make sense, as the site suggests, that it is best to create a green roof when you need to put a new roof on anyway. You can read about the many benefits (including lowering your heating and air condition bills) on the site as well.  If you have a green roof, or are planning on creating one, please comment!  And have a nice day. 🙂


One Response to Green Roofs in Chicago

  1. This is a philosophy that should be adopted for all future construction worldwide. The longterm benefits and savings proove that in a medium to long run it is worth the investment.

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