Planet Green television show: “Greensburg”

I’m watching a program called “Greensburg” on the Planet Green network.  This town was devastated by a tornado and it is rebuilding in a more environmentally responsible way.  In the episode I’m watching, they are planning a new business center of retail stores and services.  The cool thing is that they are trying to get LEED Platinum certified.  They would be the first building in Kansas to do that.  I hope they do it!

The town is celebrating Christmas in this episode as well.  So people are putting up Christmas trees in their FEMA trailers.  And now they are holding a Christmas concert, provided by the schoolchildren.  How hopeful! What a great idea, to feature a town that is trying to rebuild after a tragedy.  If you have to rebuild anyway, why not do it in a way to help the environment and save a little money?


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