Recycling at Millenium Park

In the June 22 issue of the Chicago Tribune, I read about new recycling bins that will be installed at Millennium Park in Chicago. There was a three year long competition that people submitted their designs to. There was a picture in the paper, but not on the Chicago Tribune website. Pretty standard looking to me, though. One side is for recycling, another for trash. I noticed there is a recycling can (not as fancy) at our local park. I was pretty excited about that! Recycling is not easy to do in the city of Chicago, but any little step helps. I do think, though, that if we are serious about the 2016 Olympics (and I’m not sure we should be) we have got to get a better plan for recycling. Comments?


2 Responses to Recycling at Millenium Park

  1. Michelle M. says:

    I think it is good, Chicago is going a little green. Being originally from there, it just sadens me that a city so large and POWERFUL can not get it together to recycle. Maybe everyone should start paying for the garbage collection by the pound and it would push people to recycle more. Each time I am home, I can not help but to think how much of a throw away society Chicgao is…… Maybe the Daley family should make this a mission of thiers. Even in little small towns, the residents recycle and and many times it is just picked up by the waste management company.

  2. lisapizzac72 says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Michelle. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, and it seems like recycling was part of our life since, well, forever. Then I moved to the city, and the recycling program is shaky at best. I do what I can to recycle using the blue bag program, but the same trucks used for the trash collection take the blue bags. Do the bags make it intact to a sorting facility? Who knows. We just do what we can. Personally, I think that if we want to have any chance of getting the 2016 Olympics, it would be good if we got our waste management (recycling included) house in order a bit!

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