More white-belt energy saving tips

Continuing from the list of the other day, here are a few more “white-belt” energy saving tips that we can all strive to implement.

take mass transit – Tony takes the bus to the Cubs, does that count?
ride your bike – need to work on that
Carpool / drive 55 – um, no and no – but I try to drive 60 so that helps some
walk to the store – um, no again, but that is doable in some cases
set your fridge to 37/freezer to 5 and keep it full – not sure how to do that, but we’ll look into it.
turn off the dry cycle on dishwater – check
unplug “energy vampires” like chargers when not in use or on vacation – check, chargers for sure!

So, how did you do with these tips?  Look for the yellow belt, or “some assembly required” tips in a few days. Have a good day!


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