White Belt Energy-saving tips

I read an article in the Mother Jones magazine the other day about “the green-belt movement”. Essentially, the article goes through the different green tips a person can follow to improve their lives and compares them to the different belts in martial arts. Here are a few from the white belt list…more to come.

white belt

switch to CFL bulbs – check, although I’m not sure if we’ve switched *all* the lights over
turn off lights when leaving the room – umm, well I just read CFLs last longer if not turned on/off so much
thermostat at 68 degrees in winter, 78 in summer – check! and we’ve not used the AC much recently!
turn down water heater to 120 degrees – to do list
wash clothes in cold water – check
line dry them – not yet, maybe someday
use recyclable batteries – check! have multiple sets for camera, portable laptop, synthesizer, etc.
recycle – check, to the extent we can in Chicago…and bring papers to church
Compost – check, though time will tell (end of fall) if we actually get *usable* compost

Whew! That’s some list, and the white-belt is the first belt to attain. How did you do? We did pretty well, but I did add a few things to our To Do List. Look for more white-belt tips in a few days, then on to the other colors!


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