Compost update

A while ago I wrote about how I planned to start composting.  I wrote about the steps that I followed and all that.  But I haven’t written about it since then.  Never fear, we are still composting.  I think I have filled the bins to capacity with lawn clippings though. I hope I didn’t add too much.  I’m adding coffee grounds and fruit and vegetable peelings as well.  On average I probably water and turn it about once per week.  I did notice the other day that it looks like there is a little mold growing in the compost.  That either means it is too moist, or maybe I’m not turning it enough.  I was wary of turning it that day, because I am allergic to mold, but fortunately, I didn’t run into any allergy problems after turning it.

I think today I’ll go out and take a picture of the bins, and what’s inside, so you can see my progress!


2 Responses to Compost update

  1. jerzeetomato says:

    I just started up with my composter too. The literature that came with the composter said to not add very much in the way of grass clippings…that it should be primarily kitchen waste witha a handful of brown leaves thrown in very time you add kitchen stuff. Here’s their info page:

    Good luck with it and your blog

  2. lisapizzac72 says:

    Thanks for your comment. And the handy guide to composting will be quite helpful! I had read a few books myself, but I think the images on the handout will help me a great deal. Thanks again!

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