Steps to a new driveway

I know the title of this post might not seem like it is in keeping with this blog, but hear me out.  We had someone over yesterday to start the process of replacing a portion of our driveway.  When the driveway was redone a while ago, there must have been a bad mix of concrete, because there is a large portion that is flaking off.  Salting the driveway and using the snowblower in winter have compounded the problem.  We now use calcium chloride, which is must less damaging, but it was too late.

So yesterday we took the first step toward getting the work done, which was giving the contractor our plat survey so he could get appropriate permits.  Yeah!  The reason that this belongs on this blog, is that flakes of the concrete were getting in both our lawn, and our neighbor’s lawn.  Our nextdoor neighbor does a great job with his lawn and flowers, and I felt like we were being bad neighbors with our flaking driveway.  So, soon, we shall have a new driveway.  And, this guy that came out is a general contractor, and he does home additions too. Whoo hoo!


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