Chicago Green Festival

I attended Day one of the Chicago Green Festival today with my parents. I think they had a good time, which was good.  I attended two different sessions: Debra Shore spoke on the topic of “Money & Morality: Cleaning up the Chicago Waterways.” I learned a  lot about how the Chicago River was reversed, and some of the ramifications of that (well-intentioned and necessary at the time) choice.  I guess a big issue right now is whether or not the water that is treated at the treatment facilities should be disinfected.  Right now, the water doesn’t go into our drinking water, so there is still bacteria in it.  A study is being done to determine the impact of this water on recreational users of the various Chicago waterways.  Interesting stuff!

The second session that I attended was given by John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist, a husband and wife team who spoke about “Ecopreneuring: Putting Purpose and the Planet Before Profits.”  This couple owns an Inn in Wisconsin, which they run on renewable energy.  What they had to say about better business practices was really eyeopening.  They have a book, which I might get.

After these two presentations (mom and dad went to two others) we had some yummy lunch.  Then, it was on to the exhibits! Because I had been to the festival last year, I really didn’t think there would be too many vendors that I hadn’t seen before, so I didn’t think I would be picking up that much stuff.  Uhhhh wrong!  I came home with lots of good information that I’m looking forward to sifting through.

There is still one day left of the festival, if you are interested in attending.  And if you can’t attend, there will be videos of the presentations on the Green Festivals web site, soon.  Check it out! And maybe next year you can plan to attend. 🙂


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