My attempt at composting

Well, I have finally, officially started composting.  I had piled a lot of lawn and plant clippings in a trash can a few weeks ago, that I had kept adding to.  It was a temporary solution though, and I knew it.  Well, Tony and I went to Menards the other day, and bought some big plastic bins that I think will do the trick.  I drilled holes in the bottom for drainage, and some in the sides for air flow, which I guess is important.  Then, I transferred all of the stuff from the makeshift trash can into the two plastic bins.  And I think I wrote about my pitchfork that I purchased a while ago, so I’m set! And, I watered the stuff in the bins just a little bit, to get them going.  Now, I finally get to start adding vegetable trimmings and coffee grounds.  I did notice the other day though, that the coffee filter that I had added to the originally trash can had not yet decomposed.  Hmmm.  And I use the non-bleached ones.  Well, I guess I can take them out later if they don’t decompose.

So that’s the story folks.  If you compost, or have wanted to start a compost bin, check in, and let’s chat!


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