New flowers….and weeds

Yesterday was so beautiful I decided to do a bit of gardening.  I made some interesting discoveries.  First of all, I noticed that what I thought were tomato seedlings are probably actually weeds.  My neighbor has a really good crop of the “tomato seedlings” on the other side of his fence. Oh well.  I weeded the strawberry and rhubarb patch of these seedlings/weeds and left the tomato patch alone for now.  I’ll give them a little more growing time, just in case.

Some of our new daffodils are blooming! What a wonderful thing.  These were bulbs from a friend who had divided hers.  Nestled in among the daffodils are the occasional grape hyacinth, I think. What a fun bonus!  I also noticed that our peony bush that we had planted last year (actually, a peony bush root) is trying to grow.  Maybe it will grow enough this year so next year it blooms!  We had been told that it wouldn’t bloom the first year, but it didn’t grow much last year, either.  Maybe this is the year! I’ll keep you posted!


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