Lights Out!

So, how did everyone do the other night with the Earth Hour Challenge?  I would have to say that we did only so-so.  We were completely planning to be in the dark from 8-9 pm Chicago time, but did not return from dinner out until about 8:30. Oops! Then, we decided it would be neat to walk around the neighborhood to see if anyone else was doing it.  That was kind of hard to tell.  Who knew if the people were out, or if they were participating in the lights out challenge?  Then, we went back home and spent a few minutes listing the ways we love each other. Awwww! Anyway, I think that there were a fair amount of businesses in Chicago that participated, given the article and picture in the Chicago Tribune the next day (see above).

What I do find interesting, is the number of comments that I read from people saying that this was a scam, and useless, etc.  Why do people do that? How can saving a little energy be bad? I read comments from a few people who said that they were not only not going to turn off lights, they were going to turn on more lights, and crank up the air conditioning.  I just don’t get those people.  I hope they were just spouting off and didn’t actually do that.

Well, if everybody would just try to conserve energy a bit each day, maybe we’ll have enough to last our lifetimes.  That, and finding new sources of renewable energy, like solar, wind, and water turbines.


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