Wa$ted (environmental tv show)

I have been watching this really cool tv show called “Wa$ted”.  It’s an environmental show that takes an average family living in New Zealand and looks at their wasteful habits…excess water use, food waste, etc.  The hosts of the show challenge the family to change their habits during the course of three weeks, and then they’ll get a cash award. Nice! I really like this show.  It is a bit daunting to see how much “the little things” like a longer show add up to.  But it is well worth the bit of discomfort to see how we are impacting the land we live in.  Give it a watch.  Here is the website.
I tape the programs with my tivo, so I’m not entirely sure which channel the show is on.


2 Responses to Wa$ted (environmental tv show)

  1. Jennifer says:

    This is on periodically on Discovery Home. TLC will be starting their own version in the US on April 26. I really like this show as well.

  2. lisapizzac72 says:

    Thanks for letting me know…I’ll keep my eyes open for the US version, too!

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