Hybrid cars…diesel?

A few kind folks let me know the other day that there are many, many other options besides the Toyota Prius for a hybrid car.  Thanks, everyone, because I hadn’t really seen much advertising for anything else (except maybe Saturn’s Vue line).  Now at least I have a few other companies to look into.

Someone mentioned that a diesel hybrid is just around the corner.  Now that’s an interesting option.  I don’t really know that much about diesel electric hybrids, so I did a little surfing.  Here is a white paper about diesel electric hybrid technology.  It sounds like there aren’t many (any?) options yet for the average joe or jane, but hey, if you happen to drive a bus or delivery truck, get on the diesel electric bandwagon!  🙂  Hopefully options for individual car owners will be forthcoming sooner rather than later.  The question for me is, will my little “Saturn that could” car of 10 years hold out until then?

If you are interested in more information about the topic, the folks at the Diesel Technology Forum are hosting a webinar entitled “Diesel Hybrids: The Best of Both Worlds” on March 13.


2 Responses to Hybrid cars…diesel?

  1. eksith says:

    Although it may seem weird, diesel actually makes more sense as a hybrid fuel because it delivers more power per cubic mm than gas.

    You can, technically, have a slightly smaller diesel engine deliver the same torque and power than a larger gas engine. The down side has been that diesels don’t deliver the same speed as gas engines at the start (which is why they tend to lag behind gas when started at the same time) and because it burns hotter, the engines need to be well maintained.

    Of course, this is not an issue for a hybrid vehicle, because the accelleration is can be delivered via the electirc motors at the start (taking away the diesel con) and it will only be supplemental anyway.

    Diesels have always been very popular in Europe and Africa than in the States.
    A properly tuned Diesel is even more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly than gas engines.

  2. lisapizzac72 says:

    Thanks for your comment. Let’s hope that diesel cars are available to the public in the U.S. soon then. 🙂

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