Cloth diapers from Bum Genius

Given that we don’t have kids yet, this post is a little premature. However, I have given some thought to the disposable or cloth diaper discussion. I know that I was probably raised in cloth diapers, and did just fine. That was a different time, though. Many moms were able to stay home with their kids during the day, so the extra work needed to make cloth diapers work wasn’t as big of a deal. Now, however, when more women work outside the home, they rely on daycare of some sort for their kids. Frankly, I don’t think there are many daycare centers around that would deal with cloth diapers. There might even be a health code issue for all I know. So, I guess I would be interested in discovering if those parents that are using cloth diapers both work outside the home, and therefore use daycare providers for their kids.

Reading an article the other day, I noted that Bum Genius Pocket Diapers are the diapers of choice for some families. I just spent a few minutes on their website, and the diapers sound quite good. Better than what you would expect, even. However, I found one statement on their website a bit unsettling…

“Washing tip: Customers have great results washing on cold with detergent first, then two hot or warm washes with no detergent.” If I read that correctly, that means I would be washing each load of diapers three times??? I don’t think so! Who knows, maybe by the time that Tony and I have kids, they will have thought of a better solution.


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