Target now sells reusable shopping bags

Although I’m not sure if they are available in all stores, I noticed yesterday that Target is now selling reusable red shopping bags.  Customers can either purchase a foldable bag that you would find at Jewel or Dominicks, or a smaller bag that zips into its own pouch.  That’s great!  One thing I’ve noticed, however, is that many of the items that I purchase from Target are bigger than the typical reusable bag.  Therefore, when shopping at Target, it might be wise to carry larger bags if possible.

Something else that I discovered.  I only brought one reusable bag into the store with me yesterday, because I didn’t think I would be buying all the much.  Wrong!  I ended up leaving with about 7 bags, unfortunately, because I bought two lamps that definitely needed to be in bags.  Oh well, I do my best.  And *you* can do your best by supporting Target and their new bags. 🙂


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