Success at Wings!

Yesterday I mentioned that I was in the market for some “new” clothes. I’m not too picky, in fact I would prefer buying clothes more cheaply if I can. So, in an effort to save money and not shop at Kohl’s (which received a D- on Ellis Jones’ scale) I shopped at WINGS yesterday.  I didn’t find any jeans, which is what I was looking for. However, I did find a really cool vest, made in Russia.  For $3.00.  Can’t go wrong with that! Of course, I did pick up a few additional items (a napkin holder and two books), but the total was like $17.00, much cheaper than the vest initially cost, I’m sure.  I wore the vest to work yesterday, and thought I looked pretty snazzy!

Since I didn’t find the jeans I was looking for at WINGS, I’m going to try another local thrift store that I went to once with my in-laws.  I just have to ask them where it is, so I can go there myself.  I have the day off after my birthday, so maybe I’ll do it then! 🙂


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