Green Festival coming back to Chicago!

Last year Tony and I celebrated our first anniversary (Earth Day, April 22) by attending the Green Festival in Chicago.  I would highly recommend this event, by the way.  It doesn’t always occur in Chicago, in fact this is a relatively new event, I think.  Who knows when it will be back here and you could attend, if you live near Chicago.  Anyway, we had a really good time, learned a lot, and even picked up quite a few CFL light bulbs, courtesy of Mayor Daley.

Guess what, I was wrong! I just checked, and Chicago is hosting a Green Festival again this year! You can attend this great event on May 16 and 17.  I am so excited! Tony, if you are reading this, please mark your calendar now. 🙂  The even will be held this year at Navy Pier, which is good, because it will be a bit more accessible than where it was next year.

If you check out the Green Festivals website, you’ll find videos and photos from past events.  Take a look if you would like to see what it is all about.  Last year, what *we* were all about were the organic peanut butter sandwiches.  I don’t know who made the peanut butter, because they were actually at the booth of a green magazine of some sort.  But as far as I remember, that is what we ate for lunch! 🙂

So, I’m totally looking forward to going back this year!


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