Mayor Daley’s “Winter Preparedness Fairs”

Yesterday Tony gave me a bag of goodies his parents picked up for him. In this cool tote bag, came all this stuff:

A Tip Sheet entitled “Surviving the Winter Heating Season with Money Saving Energy Tips”

A second tip sheet entitled “Resources to Help You Survive This Winter Heating Season”

a 4-pack of 60 Watt CFL energy saving light bulbs

a box of clear poly sealing tape for windows – looks easy to use!

2 vinyl door bottoms – you attach these to the bottom of your door to keep out drafts

a outlet sealing kit – so cold air doesn’t come in through the outlets- not sure we have that issue, but we’ll see

a box of the plastic film to insulate windows – love that stuff!

and 4 rolls of foam weather stripping for windows

Cool stuff! There are still a few more Winter Preparedness Fairs being held in the city, so you can get a bag of goodies too! Thanks Mayor Daley….cool idea!


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