Christmas gift wrapping options

In a newspaper article I read today, I learned about ReUsing, Recycling, and Rethinking things left over after the holidays.  Under the “Rethink” category, the article  suggested instead of buying gobs of new wrapping papers and ribbons, to consider using things like the comics from the newspaper, or children’s artwork to wrap presents next year. Hmmm, not sure how the second option would go over, unless you specifically asked your child to draw Christmasy drawings just for the wrapping paper.  I’m not sure a little child would like to have their special drawings turned into Christmas wrap.

The article also suggested using reusable fabric bags for wrapping packages.  Essentially they look like fabric envelopes with a ribbon closure.  I’d love to find a pattern for those.  I think they could be pretty easy to make.  Until that time, there are a few places on the web where you can purchase these fabric bags.   One such place is  and other that I just found is Lagniappe Gift Wrap.  I have to tell you that I’m a fan of this second one.  While I have not yet purchased any of their products, I am encouraged by their environmental impact statement.

One thing I do use quite heavily are the paper gift bags.  They are quite easy to fill and they don’t take a lot of time.  I still end up filling the bags with tissue paper and adding curly ribbon (which takes time to curl, in addition to making more waste).  I could really get into these fabric bags.  However, I wouldn’t want to give all of my bags away….I would want them to be returned, as I always hope the paper bags are.  I suppose I could always add a little note on the bag saying it is intended to be used again, so to please do that, or give it back to me! 🙂


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