Paper plates

I’ve never really been a fan of paper plates.  However, during the holiday season, it can be tough not to use them.  Robin writes about the choice to use paper plates during the holidays…makes sense to me!  What I have done for many family parties is to use plastic plates that can then be washed in the dishwasher and then reused.  The trick to that is you need to create a garbage can where people can put their plates when they are finished.   Don’t forget to have a smaller can where people can scrape the food off the plates.

Last year, I purchased plastic tumbler glasses so we don’t continually buy plastic cups (which I have also reused).  But, people are always losing their cups at big parties.  Maybe the best thing to do would be to provide a roll of masking tape and marking pen near the cups, for people to write their initials on.   I’ll have to try that out this summer the next time we have a party.

If you have any suggestions for how to be more environmentally aware when you entertain, please be sure to comment!


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